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Go Travelwear

GO Travelwear combines technology found in athletic apparel with classic, elegant design - Made in America | Indie Apparel.

Margaret Mousley is the owner and designer of Margaret Mousley Designs and GO Travelwear.  She is an independent fashion designer in Minneapolis, MN and a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Go Travelwear is a synthesis of Margaret Mousley's simply elegant designs and the technical fabrics of GO Athletic clothing.  Wicking fabrics with antimicrobial yarn technology keep travelers comfortable in various climates.  Durable and washable fabrics combined with versatile styles make traveling easy.

Fashion Flies with Function.

Made in USA

  • GO Soho  TOP
    GO Soho TOP
  • Long V Neck Dress
    Long V Neck Dress
  • Go Soho Dress
    Go Soho Dress
  • Women's Classic Travel Tee
    Women's Classic Travel Tee
  • Classic 3/4 Sleeve Travel Tee
    Classic 3/4 Sleeve Travel Tee
  • GO Travel Wrap
    GO Travel Wrap
  • Little Black Dress
    Little Black Dress
  • Women's Black Travel Pants
    Women's Black Travel Pants
  • Tucson Tank
    Tucson Tank
  • Classic Long Sleeve Tee
    Classic Long Sleeve Tee
  • juliet Dress
    juliet Dress



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