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Cecilia s Steel

Beautiful Women Jewelry, Feminine Yet Strong, Made Of  Steel | IindieApparel

Known for her creations in the visual arts field, Uruguayan born artist Cecilia Taibo Rahban now brings her vision and sensitivity to jewelry design. She has chosen stainless steel, chain maille in particular, as the medium for her latest creations, as it embodies the qualities she wishes to inspire: elegance and boldness, fluidity and strength, for her pieces to be grounding yet airy; she presents us with delicate jewelry pieces that are steel strong.

“I wanted to create a symbol of the resilience and strength of spirit, as well as the sparkle we all have, but sometimes life’s challenges make us forget or neglect to nourish. Wearing my jewelry pieces is meant to not only beautify your look, but to connect you with your inner strength while bringing some fun into your day.”

  • Ceciia's Steel | Steel Pearl Bracelet
    Steel Pearl Bracelet
  • Toggle Clasp Bracelet
    Toggle Clasp Bracelet
  • The Perfect Wide Earrings
    The Perfect Wide Earrings
  • Wide Necklace
    Wide Necklace
  • Cecilia's Steel Butterfly Bow Tie Necklace
    Butterfly Bow Tie Necklace
  • Lariat Fixed Knot Necklace
    Lariat Fixed Knot Necklace
  • Cecilia's Steel 1 Knot Necklace
    Stand Out Necklace
  • Elegant Narrow Earrings
    Elegant Narrow Earrings
  • Narrow Necklace
    Narrow Necklace
  • Steel Pearl Necklace
    Steel Pearl Necklace
  • Steel Pearl Bow Tie
    Steel Pearl Bow Tie



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