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Reginalde Messac

Built to Level the Playing Field for
Indie U.S. Fashion Designers.

For IndieApparel.us members, a free store, greater exposure and higher profits, is only the beginning – we invite you to join us, enjoy great benefits and take control of your future.

Like you, I’m a fashion designer and have lived the dream. I’m also all too aware of all the obstacles independent U.S. fashion designers face, and to help overcome them I’ve created IndieApparel.us to level the playing field. Our members enjoy greater exposure, higher profit retention, creative freedom and a free store they control. We think it’s long overdue.

We Have Strength in Numbers – It’s Time to Use It

You know how hard it is to penetrate the retail space and compete. Major brands dominate markets, flooding them with inferior goods made in inhuman conditions. If we raise our voices collectively, market together and connect directly with consumers, we’ll show the world that Made in America is not only alive and well, but the best is truly yet to come. You.

The Good News/Bad News of Today’s Fashion Marketplace

When I set out to create the IndieApparel.us platform, I did my research. My objective was to identify what everyone needs most, and to then create a platform to deliver it. Here are a few highlights of findings from a variety of studies:

  • The majority of garments sold in the US are manufactured abroad.
  • Big brands exploit cheap foreign labor, reap huge profits, but don’t reinvest here.
  • According to Consumer Reports (2015) 8 of 10 American consumers would prefer buying products, including clothing, made in the U.S.A.
  • 60% are even willing to pay 10% more for U.S. manufactured products.
  • Independent designers need greater exposure, a direct connection to consumers, and a path to greater profitability with creative freedom and independence.

The Goal is to Thrive, Not Just Survive

By creating a unique fashion portal exclusively for Indie U.S. fashion designers, my dream is to drive traffic to it as the source for the most creative and high quality clothing available.

  • Designers simply apply and get a free store on the platform.
  • Designers simply apply and get a free store on the platform.
  • Quick and Easy Direct Deposit gets them their money faster.
  • Stronger U.S. designers create jobs in the U.S.

Making it Easier for You to Succeed

It’s your store, your business and your future. So you won’t get outside interference, no quotas or hidden fees. Simply complete the quick application form below. We’ll set up your store and give you easy access to add or update products. We’ll send you email notification when an order is placed

Exclusive Landing Page Exposure

For a limited time, we’re showcasing Member Designers with rotating above the fold placement on IndieApparel.us. It’s part of our commitment to support Independent Fashion Designers with greater exposure. And because we’re not only stronger together, but by creating the place where consumers can find the best, it creates jobs and a stronger future for all of us.

Join us today and take the first step towards an empowered, successful independent future!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Reginalde Messac

Founder and CEO

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